Partner Dedicated Webinars

A series of webinars dedicated exclusively to Microsoft’s Certified Partners

Explore AI Fundamentals, Responsible AI implementation, Copilot for Microsoft 365 strategies, and Azure Open AI insights in our engaging webinars, enhancing your AI knowledge and keeping you informed of the latest advancements.


AI Fundamentals

  • February 29, 10:30 AM CET
  • Tom Wyrwich, Senior Corporate Counsel, Microsoft

Microsoft’s new generative AI services promise the potential to revolutionize how every organization does business.  In this introductory webinar, Microsoft’s legal AI specialists will talk about how these services work, demystify generative AI jargon, and provide an overview of how Microsoft addresses the primary legal issues for using these services.


Microsoft's Responsible AI Journey

  • March 21, 10:30 AM CET
  • Thomas Langkabel, National Tech Officer, Microsoft & Ali Haidar, Senior Corporate Counsel, Microsoft

At Microsoft, responsible AI is the set of steps that we take across the company to ensure that AI systems uphold our AI principles

It is both a practice and a culture. Practice is how we formally operationalize responsible AI across the company, through governance processes, policy requirements, and tools and training to support implementation. Culture is how Microsoft empowers its employees to not just embrace responsible AI but be active champions of it.

 Responsible AI is a journey, and it’s one that the entire company is on.


Unpacking Copilot for Microsoft 365 - Strategies and Insights

  • April 25, 10:30 AM CET
  • Tom Wyrwich, Senior Corporate Counsel - Microsoft

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 is transforming how we work – learn first-hand from Microsoft about its benefits.

In addition, we will touch on the legal issues that are being discussed with respect to Copilot.


Exploring the Power of the Intelligent Cloud - Azure Open AI

  • May 23, 10:30 AM CET
  • Sebastian Dürdoth - Senior Corporate Counsel - Microsoft

Exploring the Azure OpenAI Service (“AOAI“), which allows customers to license powerful pre-trained GenAI models such as GPT-4 from Microsoft to enrich their own applications. 

  • Examples of how customers can leverage AOAI to quickly and easily build GenAI into their own products;

  • How Microsoft helps customers understand and mitigate risks to enable responsible deployment;

  • How Microsoft absorbs IP risk with the Customer Copyright Commitment for AOAI; and

  • Data protection & AOAI.

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